• Q: When will I receive my order?

    All Primal Team Store orders are PREORDERS, which means we only begin production on all orders in a team store once the store has closed. Production of all the items ordered can take several weeks. You can find the anticipated ship date on your team store home page.

  • Q: What if my stuff doesn't fit?

    Due to the custom nature of the products that are ordered through the team store and the fact that we only produce what is ordered – no extras – we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for orders placed through a Primal Team Store.

  • Q: Do you ship internationally?

    We can ship internationally. Please note that all orders being shipped to international orders make take a little longer to arrive and the receiver is responsible for all custom taxes and duties associated with the shipment.

  • Q: It says my store is password protected, what’s my password?

    Some of our stores are password protected to help control access to the products offered. If you do not have the password to the store, please reach out to the team captain or event director for access. If you have any trouble with your password working, please reach out to us at teamstore@primalwear.com.

  • Q: I have a coupon code, but it isn’t working! Or…I forgot to put it in!

    Coupon codes can be team and product specific, please reach out to our customer service team at teamstore@primalwear.com to make sure that your order meets the required coupon specifications. If you forgot to add your coupon to the order, please send us an email and we’ll make sure to adjust your order as necessary.

  • Q: My team’s store is no longer active, can I still place an order?

    On rare occasions, we are able to process additional orders after a store closes. If your store closed less than a week ago, please reach out to our customer service team to see if we are able to add your order to the store. We often have team captains that place additional bulk orders to have extras on hand, so you can reach out to them as well about the potential of getting an extra.

  • Q: I ordered the wrong size – can I change my order?

    As long as your team store has not yet closed, then we are able to adjust your order. Please contact our customer service team with your changes. Be prepared to provide additional billing information if your order total will change.

  • Q: I’ve never worn Primal, how does your apparel fit?

    Our apparel typically fits pretty true to size, which means if you wear a medium t-shirt, you’ll probably wear a medium jersey. Different jerseys are designed to fit differently though, from a looser Sport cut to a much tighter Helix cut, so check the cut of your team kit to make sure you’ll be happy with the fit. To help you determine the best fit, please refer to our size chart HERE.

Additional questions? Please email teamstore@primalwear.com or call 800-275-6953